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Ad: LebanonArt New Contest, Win paintings and valuable prizes!

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-- The 2012 Lebanese Summer Festivals can be find in our site.

-- Several 360-degree views about Lebanon have been added:

- Ain Trez (Oak Tree and Saad Palace)
- The Baabda Forest
- Horsh Beirut
- Jabal Moussa
- The village of Baskinta
- The fortress Saint Gilles and panorama view of the city of Tripoli

In French:
Ain Trez (Le Chêne et le Palais Saad)
- La forêt de Baabda
- La forêt de Beyrouth
- Jabal Moussa
- Le village de Baskinta
- La forteresse (Château) Saint Gilles et Panorama de la ville

-- Amazing new wallpaper images from Lebanon

-- New restaurants in our section Phone and Dine: Downtown Beirut - Jbeil-Byblos - Tripoli - Aanjar and Zahleh

-- New travel tours agent Lorem Libani Tours

-- New movie presentation about Lebanon.

-- Many articles are published:

- Inside Lebanon: Enfeh - Its Authentic Side.
- Faits divers dans l’histoire des Juifs du Liban.
- L' Ecole Juive à Beyrouth.
- Proposition d'une politique agricole adéquate au service de l'agriculture libanaise.
- Maronite historical conscience - Philosopher Hamid Mourani.
- Lebanese Government Serail.
- Si Yanouh m'était conté - Je reviens d'Afka.
- La contribution des Libanais à l'essor de la langue arabe.
- Le ministère des Affaires étrangères - Histoire et destin d’un palais.
- Wadih El Safi: Trinity of voice and melody.
- The Lute Emperor of Musical instrument, Rabih Haddad.
- Le nouveau président va-t-il reprendre le chemin de Damas.

-- New Lebanese food recipes:

Vegetable soup - Bitter Orange Cut into Pieces - Sayadieh - Spiced Fish

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-- LebanonArt New Contest, Win paintings and valuable prizes!

-- New works by Artist-painter and Poet Joseph Matar
Triptych - Our Lady of Lebanon - Virgin Mary
In French: Triptyque - Notre Dame du Liban - Vierge Marie

-- Other paintings:
Blue Almond - At the Foot of Mount Hermon - Reverberation - Rite of Spring

-- Articles by J. Matar:

Mathieu, pour son baptême
In English: Matthew, for his Christening
Sur les pas de St. Paul
Moïse, l’enfant adopté

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New art print, souvenirs and books from Lebanon:

Le Dernier Repas - The Last Supper - A painting by Artist Michel Rouhana - You can order in Print
Poster of Chebaa - Shebaa Village
Book, Tripoli of all eras

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in and also some interesting articles:

Farjallah Haik - Raymond Jbara - Victor Hakim - Toufic Touma - Ahmed Zaki - Abu Shadi - Shaffic Abboud - Le théâtre fait son entrée en prison avec ’Shéhérazade à Baabda’

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