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Several Panorama 360 degrees views have been added:

- Arnaoon three new panorama views and view 2 - view 3
- Serhal Palace (In French: Le Palais de Serhal)

- Mukhtara in Shoof (In French: Moukhtara)

- Sursock Palace from inside and view 2

- Two beautiful views of Saydet Beshwet (In French: Notre Dame de Bechouète)

- Homage to Lebanon: War of July 2006 Bridges of Halat, the bridge of the Casino destroyed and Al Manar TV in Ruin 2006.

More festivals in Lebanon are available from

We have added many new websites in our tourism-related Lebanon Directory

Many new articles have been published:
- Banning smoking in public places - Lebanon
- The Voyage to the Holy Land
- Terre Sacrée - Voyage
- Les Juifs de Zahlé - Liban
- Les Juifs depuis l'époque du Roi Phénicien Hiram jusqu'au début de l'Islam au Liban
- Christians against pornography
- Lebanese Zajal Book - History, Poetry, Syriac origin

New Hostel in mount Lebanon

We have added new restaurants in Jounieh, in Byblos, in West Bekaa.

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in and also some interesting articles:

Youssef Aoun - Gorgi Zidan - Sleiman Boustani - Woroud Ajami - Halim Jurdak - Jean-Pierre Tarabay - Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui - Khalil Mufarrij - Joseph Ayyoub - Michel Mir - Chibli Mallat - Atef Mahmoud - Ghazi Toutounji - Habib Srour - Georges Chakkour new poetry - Articles: Said Akl and Lebanon - Beyrouth - Une vrai mine d'art - Paris Match - Lebanese Modern Theater - Abdullah al Alayli

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New souvenirs, books and posters from Lebanon:

- Dress
- 3 new magnets
- New Label Pins
- New embroideries and motives
- Book: Lebanese Zajal
- Book: The Voyage to the Holy Land
- Book: Beirut & the Sultan
- Book: Cook Book "Sohi Wa Sarih" small edition
- New large posters

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Articles by Joseph Matar:

A Vocation - Vocation (In French)
Un surhomme ou le médecin architecte - Farid Serhal
An article about Joseph Matar in Kesserwen mag (Arabic)
Martha, the Priest’s Daughter
Martha - La fille du Curé

LebanonArt New Contest, Win paintings and valuable prizes!

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What will the situation in Syria generate in Lebanon? A better Lebanon? A civil war? I don't know!


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