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LawyersLb invites all lawyers who have registered to complete the filling in of their profiles. This will increase the value of the latter for the users of search engines and for the affiliates who might be be interested in contacting lawyers directly. You may update your image, giving more personal information about your studies, professional experience, location, articles you have written, associations of which you are member, personal website and links, and even hobbies.

LawyersLb invites you to visit the discussion board of the site, where you can see if any affiliate has posted a question. You can as well post your questions as a lawyer.

More promotion will be planned to give more opportunity for lawyers to have new clients.

Please help us also to promote the site by inviting your colleagues to join

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New 360 panorama views have been added:

- Discover the village of Baakline (National Library and Hamadeh Palace) -- In French: Decouvrez le village de Baakline (Bibliothèque Nationale et le Palais Hamadeh)

- The village of Ayneta in Bekaa (Village and Mill) -- Le village de Ayneta in Beqaa (Village et Moulin)

- A new view of Aaammiq Wetland

Sevral new articles have been posted:

Baabdat Today - What the municipality has done
Village of Dhour el Shweir - What the municipality has done
Village of Faitroun - What the Municipality has done
Village of Mazraat Yachouh - What the Municipality has done
Village of Baabda - What the Municipality has done
Village of Baakline - What the Municipality has done
Village of Baino - What the Municipality has done
Village of Sofar - What the Municipality has done
Village of Aley - What the Municipality has done
Village of Kornayel - What the Municipality has done
Village of Al Mukhtara - What the Municipality has done

New Lebanese recipes:

Curdled Milk, Salt or Sweet - The Karisheh -- Un lait caillé, sucré ou salé - Le Karisheh

New restaurants in Jounieh - in Suburbs

New radio listed in Live radios and TVs from Lebanon

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New Products have been added in

Lebanese folk costume hand crafted souvenirs with magnetic strip
Pen caps
New Panoramic postcards and 2
New 2012 / 2013 Map of Lebanon
New panorama images

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in and also some interesting articles:

Painter Ali Chams
Painter Choucrallah Fattouh
Fashion designer Rabih Kayrouz
Painter Joseph Matar
Why we paint, Why we write? Two works by Faysal Sultan

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Artist painter and poet Joseph Matar has won an award from Ghazir Municipality.
A new poem Benedictus - Libanus and translated to English by K.J. Mortimer, Benediction for Lebanon
An article in French: Amour innocent et passager

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What will the situation in Syria generate in Lebanon? A better Lebanon? A civil war? I don't know!


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