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We have done a great deal of work for!!

-- The index page of the site has been modified. Visit

-- Several panorama views are online:

- The Village of Edde - In French, Le Village d'Eddé.
- Edde Sands Resort - In French, Eddésands.
Bibliopolis - In French, Bibliopolis
Ain W Zein Grotto - In French, La Grotte de Ain W Zein

- A view in Ehden, El Midan.
- A view in the old Souk of Tripoli.
- A view of the garden of the Robert Mouawad Museum.

-- We have designed a new lay-out for the section: Book for Hotels in Lebanon.

-- You can access the site to know about Lebanese Summer Festivals for 2013.

-- Several articles have been listed in the forum:

- Basta and components: cultural, scientifique, social etc....
- Vivre au Cœur d'Achrafieh Beyrouth.
- Edward Maalouf, Lebanese competitive hand cyclist.
- Assyla: Reviving a lost tradition.
- Customs and Traditions - Zalghouta.
- A leap through time: the Cedar forest.
- The Fountain of Life by Lebanon Traveler.
- Ten things to do in Metn.
- An overriding passion - Farid Serhal Palace.
- Touring Lebanon - Take a walk down by the river.
- Touring Lebanon - Traditional Anjar.
- Agenda - Beirut pleasures.
- Saving the nation's treasures.

-- New Wallpapers from Lebanon for your computer screens.

-- We have revised all our Hostels section: Beirut - Bekaa - El Nabatieh - Mount Lebanon - North - South.

-- We have revised all our Phone and dining section and added new page Broumana and Beitmery, suburbs, Jbeil Byblos, Bsharri and Hasroun.

-- Story of Kebbeh and Pumpkin Kibbeh - In French Potiron Kibbe.

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- is expanding, we added new law sub-divisions and linked them all to show lawyers under each specialization. Visit Area of Law.

- Lawyers can now access accounts and Edit emails separately.

- Do you need to hire a lawyer in your office? Do you need a Law trainee? or a secretary or an employee for your firm? Use our new section 'Legal Job Listings' to seek for new attorneys, legal staff or paralegal employees.

- New Law cases have been posted by affiliates in our discussion law board.

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Khalil Hawi - Ayman Baalbaki - Ibrahim Marzouk - Georges Guv - Fadi Barrage - Radwan el Shahhal - Sami Abou Kheir - Boghos Gelalian - Ibn Rushd - Joseph Faloughi - Imane Homsy - Silwan Ibrahim - Sally Khoury

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New paintings by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar:

Autumn in Kfour - Nature and Environment - Bargaining - Land of Welcome, Lebanon - The Sixth Season - Opening to Paradise - Communication

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New Products and books have been added in

Lebanese Sweets Baklava
Oriental metal pendant: Pendant 1 - Pendant 2
Ghazir large poster

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How do you foresee Lebanon's future during the next one year? Reply


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