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War in Lebanon? Don't Believe it! We spread peace and beauty: Wide panorama images for Lebanon and hundreds of Events!

1- All the 360 views are presented now in a large format. Plz visit panoramic views and in French vues panorama. Surf to the movies in 360 degrees to see much larger images.

For this occasion new views have been added:

The Church Mar Mkayel, Saint Michael
, in French L'église Mar Mkayel, Saint Michel
Mar Elias Church, in French Eglise Saint Elie
Palace of pines, in French Palais des pins
Beirut Airport, in French Aéroport de Beyrouth

2- A new section for Events in Lebanon has been created.

3- New restaurants listed: Beirut suburbs - Falougha and Hammana

4- New articles about Lebanon are published:

Hommes de Presse du Liban
L’ambre libanais… le plus ancien au monde
Christianity and Islam in Lebanon - Father Youakim Moubarac
Seven doors of the old Beirut
La Providence et le Liban
Opinion personnelle et neutre concernant le Moyen Orient
Old Beirut by foreign travelers
Wines of Lebanon

5- We have updated the section radios and TVs so you can entertain...

6- We improved our chat section, so plz come to chat anonymous...

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- is expanding, we added new law sub-divisions and linked them all to show lawyers under each specialization. Visit Area of Law.

- Lawyers can now access accounts and Edit emails separately.

- Do you need to hire a lawyer in your office? Do you need a Law trainee? or a secretary or an employee for your firm? Use our new section 'Legal Job Listings' to seek for new attorneys, legal staff or paralegal employees.

- New Law cases have been posted by affiliates in our discussion law board.

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Ghazi Riman - Jalal Khoury - Dorothy Salhab Kazemi - May Abboud - Samir Tabet - Henri Zoghaib - Emir Shakib Arslan

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We invite you to visit the Homepage of artist painter and poet Joseph Matar.

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New souvenir and books are listed in our Lebanese shopping site:

Book: Rural taste of Lebanon (new edition)
Book: Holy Land of the Phoenicians, Adonis River
Charming handcrafted souvenirs in Lebanese cedar wood
New Panorama for printing El Heri, Chekka, Enfi and Virgin Mary in Harissa

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How do you foresee Lebanon's future during the next one year? Reply


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