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Several Panorama at 360 degrees have been added:
Karm Mehr and Imar and in French: Karm Mehr et Imar
House of Salim Bek Bashir in Douma and in French: Maison de Salim Bey Béchir
Maqam Sayida Khawla and in French: Maqam Dame Khawla
Roman Temple Ayn Hersheh and in French: Temple de Ayn Hersheh
Tebneen and its Toron Citadel and in French: Tebnine et sa citadelle Toron
Maroun el-rass
Mar Michael church (exterior)
Old sea road in Jounieh
Barouk Cedar reserve

New Recipes:
Microwave cooker recipes and a recipe for regular oven: Artichoke with cheese

New Articles:
Martyrs’ Square - Al-Borj

Traditional Lebanese proverbs
Mohammad Jamil Bayham
Docteur Souhaila Saadeh

New Hostels and Restaurants:
Hostels in Beirut
Furnished apartment in Mount Lebanon
Restaurants in Jbeil Byblos, in Ehden and other in Bikfaya

We have begun updating our photo galleries of Lebanon to make the photos larger.

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A new section is online: Do you need to make a general announcement or offer for lawyers? Are you a trainee searching for a firm? Do you have a news item or announcement of an event of interest for lawyers? Lawyers and Affiliates can ask the site administrator for a deal in the site...

Other sections are to visit:
- A position to consider and a post to discuss are both available on the board
- We invite you to take a look of the entire job section
- Kindly pay maximum attention to your profiles! Update your profile with latest information about your career. You are strongly urged to post an image of yourself. Profiles with images attract more visitors.
- Kindly invite your friends to join your site

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Several paintings by the artist Joseph Matar are listed:

Reading between Rocks - Alone in Creation - Feminine Breath - Vivacious - Manon - Minerva - Bahiya - Saint of the Cross - Mutual Help in the Village (Mtein Museum) - Human Pictogram - Displaced - Meeting in the Village - Kermesse à Ghiné - Abandoned Factory - Chromatic Harmony - In the Shade of the Oak - Nostalgic Jounieh - Summer House - Trail in Dlebta - Flaming Sky - On the Heights of Mayrouba - The Edge of a Forest

Artist painter and poet Joseph Matar has won an Award from the Unesco

You can read an essay by the artist: Vendetta (in French) and translated to English Vendetta.

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Husam Mneimneh
Ghazi Riman
Jamil Jabre
Mario Saba
Michel Sacre
Woroud Ajami
Nadine Labaki
Missak HajiAvedikian
Rudy Rahme

Restauration des peintures
Proverbes du Liban et leurs équivalents dans les langues du monde
L’Apocalypse « apocryphe » de Jean par Docteur Camil Khabbaz (Texte en Arabe)

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New books are listed in our Lebanese shopping site:

Book B. Lebanon - Night Secrets Uncovered
You can do it!
Art of bas-relief

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