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1- We are updating our photo galleries of Lebanon to make the photos larger.

2- Many new views in panorama mode:

- Casino du Liban - English / Casino du Liban - French

- Bentael Reserve / Réserve de Bentael

- Aquilina Church / Eglise Aquilina

- St. George’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral / La Cathédrale Saint Georges des Grecs Orthodoxes

- Wata Houb / Ouata Houb

- A view for Church Saint James (Mar Yaacoub)

- A new view of Saifi Village, Beirut

- A new view of the village of Laqlouq

3- New Chat Service

4- Articles inside the site:

- Memorandum National de sa Béatitude et Eminence Cardinal Béchara Boutros Raï
- History of Earthquake in Lebanon and Syria
- Du bon usage de la Franc-maçonnerie au Levant
- Support Karimeh a young artist who wants to go to Hollywood
- Batroun Mountains

5- New restaurants in Jbeil Byblos

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1- New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

- Waleed Mahmoud - Donia Saleh - Darine Semaan
- Joe Khoury - Woroud Ajami - Hrair - Richard of Eire - Paul Guiragossian

2- Articles inside the site:

A UFO called Cherubim in Phoenicia - Un Phénicien des temps modernes - Moise - Le graffiti au Liban, l'exception culturelle - Les enfants artistes de SOS Villages

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New products and books have been added:

- Pythagoras the Mathemagician - Bible & Phoenicia Code - Eco Lebanon Book

- Cedar stand for desk

- Sterling silver Handmade Jewel, Lebanon in Arabic letters and the Cedar of Lebanon

- DVD Film Wa Ashraqat Al Shams

- Panorama image of Ajaltoun

- Mike Feghali Predictions for 2014
- Michel Hayek Predictions for 2014
- Leila Abd El Latif 2014
- Maguy Farah Horoscope for 2014

- Naumann Sewing Machine

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1- New artworks by artist-painter Joseph Matar are added:

Feast of the Almond Tree
Meeting in Andromeda
Spring in Antoura
Chilhood Memories
Vendor of the Quarter
Twilight Fishing

2- Articles by Poet Joseph Matar

Hanane (French) / Hanan (English)
Un amour interrompu (French) / Love Lost and Found (English)

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- We have developed the profiles of lawyers. From now on lawyers can add to or update their articles, studies, theses and publication inside the annex-area in their profiles

- Other sections to visit:
- Do you need to make a general announcement or offer for lawyers? Are you a trainee searching for a firm? Do you have a news item or announcement of an event of interest for lawyers?
- We invite you to take a look at the entire job section
- Kindly pay maximum attention to your profile! Update your profile with latest information about your career and now add your full articles. You are strongly urged to post an image of yourself.
- Kindly invite your friends to join your site

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A poll is online:

Lebanese, which local stations do you follow mostly?


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