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1- We have good news to announce. All the paintings inside LebanonArt appear now bigger.

Sacred Art Gallery
Available Art Painting
Artworks showing Boats
Artworks showing Flowers
Artworks showing Human Groups
Artworks showing History of the Nation
Artworks showing Landscapes
Artworks showing Nudes
Artworks showing Portraits
Artworks showing Still-Life
Reproduction of paintings by Artist Joseph Matar
Watercolors Art Gallery

New artworks listed:
Refugee Family
- Periphery of Paradise - With the Family - On the Edge of the Unknown - Dialogue - Stories and Legends - Lost in Heaven - Human Swarm - On the Road to St. James - Solar Halo - And God Created Time -
Celestial Testament

2- New poem published:

Oracles en ce troisième millénaire
Oracles for the Third Millennium

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Artist painter Maria Moussalli
Director Roger Assaf
Poet Riad Hallak
Poet Abdullah Yorkie Hallak
Philosopher Kamal Youssef El Hage
Writer Ounsi El Hage
Priest Youhana El Maamadan Al Hasrouni
Artist painter Marie-Claude Kawak
Artist painter André Kalfayan
Artist painter Jean Lahoud
Artist painter Joseph El Arid

Karl Haddad - Éveil de l'enfance / Karl Haddad - Awakening of Children

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1- We have listed two new panorama pictures:

Dog River and Steles / Les stèles du 'Nahr el Kalb' et Fleuve
Mar Abda's Monastery / Le Monastère Mar Abda el Mouchammar

2- Our photo gallery with photos of Lebanon has been updated with large images.

3- New Articles:

Le Vin en fête
Science and Education for Maronites and Orthodox
Hassan Kamel al Sabbah

4- We have listed a new tour operator Phoenician Voyager
5- New Hostels in Mount Lebanon

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New books are online:

Our Lady of Qannubin
Saint Elisha Monastery
Saint Anthony Qozhaya Monastery
Books by Riad Hallak

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Choose your next President of Lebanon?

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