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Welcome to our new website Orient Panorama! was an idea which emerged in the year 2005, thanks to the effort of photographers Jean-Pierre and William Matar, who were engaged in covering with hundreds of photos all Syria and Jordan.
As a result of the war breaking out in Syria we kept postponing the project. But now in 2014 we have finally decided to open the site with the few photos we took in Syria between 2005 and 2010.
The site gives a ray of hope for Syria to return to being a country of moderation and peace. We hope that later we shall be able to enrich the site by presenting more images.

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1- Several new landmarks at 360 are listed:

- Ghosta, where you can discover: Monastery Deir El Moukhalles, Convent Ain Warqa and House of Naamtallah Frem. - In French: Ghosta où vous pouvez découvrir: Monastère Saint Sauveur, Couvent Ain Warqa et Maison Naamtallah Frem.
- Bzommar Monastery - In French: Le Monastère de Bzoummar
- Mim Museum - In French: Musée Mim
- Furzol - In French: Ferzol
- Shekka Tunnel - In French: Tunnel Chekka

2- New views of: Forest of Ehden - Forest of hairy oaks - Raouche Al Delieh - Akoura Virgin Mary

3- New Articles published:

- L'Emir Youssof
Abdel Majid Zorkot
Elias el Atrouni
Cedrus Libani en Méditerranée
Histoire de la Synagogue Maghen ABRAHAM

4- New restaurants have been added: Al Koura - Akkar - Jounieh - Broumana and Beitmery

5- You can check DiscoverLebanon to know more of the Summer Festival in Lebanon

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New products listed:

- Saffron from Lebanon
- Illustrated Flora of Lebanon
- Saint Charbel art reproduction
- New panorama posters of Lebanon and page 2

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

- Faouzi Al Kach
Michel Rouhana
Mashallah News, l’information alternative du monde arabe
Arab Heritage

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- Join the Lawyers Board, a new post has been added.
- New law deals have been added.
- Pay attention to your profile and add your articles. You are strongly urged to post an image of yourself and to complete all your profile.

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Choose your next President of Lebanon?

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