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LebanonArt New Contest, Win a painting and valuable prizes!

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- Several panorama images at 360 have been added:

Mim Museum
Sanayeh Garden and Park (In French Jardin Sanayeh)
Khan Al Khayyatin
American University of Beirut - AUB (In French Université Americaine de Beyrouth)
Mabaaj Grotto (In French Grotte Mabaaj)
Oyoun Orghosh (In French Oyoun Orghoch)

- Articles about Lebanon:

L'Histoire Jbail-Byblos - Fondation Louis Cardahi
Lahad Khater - Joseph Sokhn, Couleurs Libanaises
Khalil Hitti
L'Emir Fakhreddine le Grand (1572-1635)
Monseigneur Elias Hoyek - Patriarche Maronite d'Antioche et de tout l'Orient 1843 -1931
Le dernier chapitre de la vie de Mahomet
Le Rayonnement Philosophique de l'Ere Islamique
Tanios Chahine
Hendiyé et le Patriarcat Maronite

- We added new views in our database of old photos of Lebanon

- New beautiful wallpapers from Lebanon for your computers.

- New Restaurants: Hamra - Ajaltoun and Rayfoun - Beirut Suburbs

- We updated the Radio and TV with new channels

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- LebanonArt New Contest, Win a painting and valuable prizes!

- Several paintings by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar have been updated:

Peasant Commune - View from Megara (Akoura) - No Fixed Abode - Endless Night - Earthquake (Syria) - Human Boulevard (Syria) - Emigrants - Repose - October Harvest - Tenants without Homes - Flood of Light - Spiritual Environment - Home of the Rose - Rhythmic Disorder

- Article:
Notre Dame du micocoulier "El Meysseh"

Our Lady of El-Maysseh

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Georges Ghanem
Leila Jabre Jureidini
Muhammad Al Maghut
Abdallah Dadour
Robert Abi Nader
Georges Chakra
Georges Hobeika: Bridal collection - Haute couture collection
Abed Mahfouz
Zuhair Murad
Elie Saab
Basil Soda
Tony Ward
May Murr: Elissa

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- Kindly pay maximum attention to your profile! Update your profile with latest information about your career and now you can add your articles through attachment.

- Join the Lawyers Board, a new post has been added.

- New Law Deals have been added.

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- We have added new images in our site

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New books listed:

- Play and Learn about Lebanon (In Arabic)
- Beirut Knights
- Sitt Sobhiye

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