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Several updates for

- is now a Secured site - SSL
- In our law discussion board, you can from now on rate the post by adding a star next to the post if you find it interesting, and you can also see a counter next to each post which lets you know if the post is popular or not.
- For each lawyer's profile you can see in addition a counter letting you see how many times each lawyer’s profile has been visited.
- We unified all law articles on one page. Further, from now on Affiliates can add articles to the site.
- A new law post has been added into the discussion board.

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- Several 360° panorama images have been added:

A visit to Miziara - In French: Une Visite à Miziara
The village of Kfarmishki - In French: Le Village de Kfarmechki
The Niha Fortress - In French: La Forteresse de Niha
The village of Jouar El Hawz - In French: Le Village de Jouar El Haouz

- Articles about Lebanon:

Martyr of the army... You live in us
Ancient Ruins in Lebanon
Christians must remain in Lebanon
Elie Maroun Khalil
Saint Louis au Liban
Nassib Azar
Riad Sharara
Father Antonios Chebli
Youssef Chehab
Animals of Lebanon
Fakhreddine said this: Go back to the springs!
Science, arts and knowledge in Phoenicia and Lebanon
Thought about Fares El Chediac

New restaurants: in Jbeil Byblos - Ashrafieh - Bsharri is now Secured SSL

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Amin Mashreq
Bahij Gassoub
Nadine Labaki
Hasan Bleibel
Adib Lahoud
Mourane: Isaac est le fils de Sarah, non pas le fils d'Abraham - Bible Incest and Adultery
Joseph Khoury
Aj Messara
Rowayda Gedeon
Martha Hraoui

Philosophy and nostalgia
Pourquoi faut-il apprendre le chant aux enfants?
Hanna Nemer

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New products and books are listed:

Sana Kanaan Collection
New soaps
Book, Beirut Hidden Treasures

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Here the results of the contest organized by LebanonArt: The website committee drew the names of the two winners on 17 September 2014: Joseph Ajaca and Rouba Borgi were the happy winners.

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Choose your next President of Lebanon?


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