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Sincere condolences Sabah and Said Akl :'(

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We invite you to order from our site for Christmas and New Year 2015:

- Calendar 2015

- Beyrouth by day
- Baalbek La Phénicienne
- Trait d'Union: Islam - Chritianisme / Hyphen: Islam - Christianity
- Beyrouth, Notre Mémoire
- Carmen Chammas 2015
- Maguy Farah 2015

- Colored carton board

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Several 360 panorama views are online:

- The village of Lehfed - Le Village de Lehfed
- The village of Baazaran - Le Village de Baadaran
- Souk El Haraj in Tripoli
- Akoura Roueiss Cave
- Laqlouq Saydet El Arn
- Kfifan Monastery, the church and the museum
- Our Lady of Al-Hosn, modern church

New restaurants are listed: Baabda and Aley - Hamra Beirut - Ajaltoun and Rayfoun - Ftouh Kesrouan

New articles are online:

- Agriculture in Lebanon
- Condoleezza Rice - Hariri murder
- Father priest Salim Daccache
- The Judge Labib Zouein
- Architect Antoine Salameh
- Salam el Rassi
- L'histoire du Liban à travers son Protocole - 1926-1995 - De père en fils, les Haimari accompagnent la nation
- The day Lebanon wept
- Village of Arqa

Events, Movies and French news (Sections are fully renewed):
- Movies in Lebanon
- Events in Lebanon
- Nouvelles du Liban

Here as well are three sections inside which can be very interesting for you:

- Post free ads for Lebanese market
- Find hundreds of beautiful photos from Lebanon
- Plan for hiking in Lebanon.

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We have added several new paintings by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar:

White Pomegranates - The Family Donkey - The Intruder - What Do People Desire? - Lost in the World of Dreams - Celestial Fire - Installation - Heavenly Village - First Bloom - Reverberating Light - After the Wedding - In the Valley of Annaya - Oasis in the Heights - Destitution - The Last Straw
And other paintings which can be reproduced as print on canvas: Ultimate Checkpoint - Congress of the 25th Hour - Serenade - Path to the Hill

New articles listed:

Rencontre avec Joseph Matar à Eddé
Civilisations anciennes - Phénicie (cahiers sciences et vie)
Ancient Phoenician Civilization (Reply to Head Editor of Cahiers Science et vie)

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Iyad Kanaan
Zeina Daccache
Georges Corm
Ghazi Riman
Nabil Helou
Sami Abou Kheir
Big Bang ou Multi bangs / Univers ou Multivers - Mourane
Joseph Bassil
Rana Bissat

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Several updates for

- In our law discussion board, you can from now on rate the post by adding a star next to the post if you find it interesting, and you can also see a counter next to each post which lets you know if the post is popular or not.
- For each lawyer's profile you can see in addition a counter letting you see how many times each lawyer’s profile has been visited.
- A new law post has been added into the discussion board.

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Choose your next President of Lebanon?

Note: Kindly visit Orient Panorama and give a ray of hope to Syria!


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