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1- Several Panorama at 360 degrees have been added:
- Sainte Rafca convent
- Cathedral (Basilica) of Harissa
- Christ the King and text in French Christ Roi
- Abdul Wahab Island
- Bejjeh and text in French Bijjeh
- Hammam El Nouri
Two new views of the upper cave of Jeita: - Upper cave of Jeita Grotto - Upper cave of Jeita Grotto
Two new views of the Taynal Mosque in Tripoli: - Mosque Taynal - Mosque Taynal

2- For this occasion we added a new interactive map for Lebanese landmarks and in French Carte interactive du Liban

3- You can follow the programs of Lebanese Summer Festivals from our website.

4- We updated our section of restaurants:
- Ashrafieh - Down Town - El Chouf - Hamra - Suburbs - Zahleh and Aanjar

5- New radio stations

6- Articles:

Paysans et Institutions féodales chez les Druses et les Maronites du Liban du XVIIe siècles à 1914 - Toufic Touma - Publications de l'Université Libanaise.
Khalil Taqi al Din
Les Inscriptions Phéniciennes et leur style par Fady Stéphan
Lebanon's role in the history of silk
Etude Mythique – Le Mythe d'Adonis
Linda Matar - La pionnière du combat pour les Femmes
Le Héros du Liban… Youssef Bey Karam

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1- University of Balamand cordially invites you to the exhibition of Joseph Matar - Dialogue of Light from 19 till 29 May 2015...

2- New articles related to artist Joseph Matar has been added:
Lamasat Online
L'Orient le Jour
Aliwaa newspaper
Dr. Joseph Matar et ses instants d'évasion
Un regard sur Dr. Joseph Matar

3- New artworks have been added:
The Ethiopian
Under the Vine
The Freshness of Morning
The Far-away Bay
Hope or Illusion
Snow on Mayfouq
The Cliffs
Scene of the Divine Comedy
Rest in Paradise
Shahine and the Peasants
Planetary Visit
Light and Shade
The Rush to the West
Divine Dialogue (Antelias Community)

4- New Awards have been added

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New books have been added:

Paysans et Institutions féodales chez les Druses et les Maronites du Liban
Châteaux et Eglises du Moyen Age au Liban
Beirut Notaglia
White stone Bas-relief

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Jamil Molaeb
Appolo Fashion
Hadi Katra
Khalil Saad
Joseph Khoury
Michel Sacre
Walid Mahmoud
Mohamed Al Kaissi
Raymond Jbara

And an article: La représentation de l'Individu dans l'Art Phénicien

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