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- New Panorama images listed:

Deir Mimas village - Village Deir Mimas et couvent (In French)
Ramlet el Bayda beach - Plage Ramlet el Bayda (In French)
Monastery Deir Qannoubine

- DiscoverLebanon Wallpaper has a new Application for Google Play

- Several new panorama posters of Lebanon

- A new beautiful Movie presentation for Lebanon on YouTube

- Articles about Lebanon listed:

Etrange Liban
Summer and life in the village Lebanon 1945
The role of women in environmental education
Alice Eddé - Sage Distillation
Rachid Ayoub
Nature reserves save the green Lebanon

- Maps of main Cities and Towns of Lebanon: Beirut map - Tripoli map - Saida map - Zahleh map - Jounieh map - Tyre map - Jbeil-Byblos map

- New stations in the TVs and Radios of Lebanon.

- You can follow the programs of Lebanese Summer Festivals from our website.

- New Restaurants in Ashrafieh, El Shouf, Hamra

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Renée Fawaz
Omar Onsi
Pierre Chedid
Saadallah Lebbos
Elia Bayda
Nabih Abou Al Hissen
Toufic Bacha

And two articles:
La représentation de l'Individu dans l'Art Phénicien

Zein Chaib

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New law articles are listed:
تأثير المفرقعات واطلاق النيران والتفجيرات على الطيور
نموزج عقد عمل
النواحي البيئية في موضوع سلامة الغذاء في لبنان وكيفية معالجتها

Lawyers, kindly pay maximum attention to your law profiles! Update your profile with latest information about your career.

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- We updated the entire watercolors of Artist Joseph Matar and in French: Les aquarelles de Joseph Matar

- An article: Painter of Nature

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New books have been added: Lebanon

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