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New Panorama landmarks

- The village of Kawkaba, and in French Le village de Qaouqaba.
- The village of Kamed el Lawz, and in French Le Village de Kamed el Loz.
- Three new panorama of Enfeh: Swimming port - Crusader castle - Ditch sculpture in the shore
- The Chouwen lake
- Tyre beach reserve

New Restaurants in Tyre - Beirut - Jbeil - El Nabatieh - Jounieh - Ashrafieh - Hamra

New Hostels in Nabatieh - Mount Lebanon

New Lebanese radio station

Several articles:
- Festival de Baalbeck, ville dans le nord de la plaine de la Bekka
- Solemn declaration - Lebanese Army
- Des Dieux et des hommes / Dieu et la guerre
- Actress Leila Karam

New photos in the DiscoverLebanon Android App

New panorama posters

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New artworks, by Artist Painter and Poet Joseph Matar, have been added:

Waiting in Space
Behold the Man
Facing Mount Hermon
Voyage into the Unknown
Summer Sun
Terrace in Kfarbaal
Mutual Help
History of an Oak
The House of the Guardian
In Search of a Homeland
Whirlwind of Despair

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New profiles of artists and articles have been added or updated:

Joseph El Arid
Omar Zeeni
Wajih Nahle
Laure Daccache
Souhail Idriss
Mustafa Faroukh

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New law articles are listed:

القانون التجاري اللبناني والانترنت
المادة 512 من قانون أصول المحاكمات المدنية
عقد ايجار زراعي
حجم الدوائر الانتخابية بين النظامين الأكثري والنسبي نادي متخرجي الجامعة الأميركية 24 أيار 2006

Lawyers, kindly pay maximum attention to your law profiles! Update your profile with latest information about your career.

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New books listed:
Haramoun - Kawkaba
Lebanese Proverbs

New art poster of past artist Mustafa Faroukh


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