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New panorama images at 360-degree have been added:

- Beino village - Village Beino (French)
- Zahle in Christmas Season: Zahle at Christmas 1 / Zahle at Christmas 2 / Zahle at Christmas 3
Abaydat Village - Village Abaydat (French)
- Ayto Village - Village Ayto (French)
- A new view in Baazaran Village

Many new articles:
- Lebanon... Its Forehead does not Bow
- Short survey on navigation strategies in Lebanon
- Lebanon Lighthouse of the World
- Arabs are Pilate
- Palestinian and PLO crimes in Lebanon
- To the Muslim Brothers in Lebanon

New Restaurants listed under Broumana / Beit Mery

We have added new photos to our Google Play App

Large new panoramic posters

New TV station listed

We would like to thank Alghad Alarabi channel for taking a clip about our online social activities.

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Artist and Poet Joseph Matar has been added in the book Ecce Homo by Claude Guérillot, 2015.

New Poem
Paris Blessée

New artworks by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar have been added:

On the Frontier of Europe
Neighborhood in Aleppo
Homes and Cliffs
Pastoral Scene
Mysterious Departure
Under the Vine of Mrouj
Celestial Sanctuary
Refuge on the Heights

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New souvenirs and books are online:

Rattan & bamboo gifts
Cedars wood souvenirs
Munir - A lifetime journey captured
And the prediction for 2016:
Mike Feghali 2016
Michel Hayek 2016
Leila Abd El Latif 2016

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Martha Hraoui
Georges Serhal
Hassan Jouni
Maria Moussalli
Victor Haddad

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