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- New panorama images at 360-degrees have been added:

The Village of Bejdarfel - Le Village de Bejdarfel in French

The Castle of Lebanon - Kousba - Le Château du Liban - Kousba in French

The Village of Assia - Le Village d'Assia in French

Wadi el Saleeb - Wadi el Salib in French

Convent Saint Simeon

Baarzla waterfall

Balaa Chasm

Cathedral Saint Paul Aanjar

Mar Mema

- Many new articles:

Ayto and Convent Saint Simon Stylites - Text in Arabic
Echo in the valley...
Lebanon's history as it was - Extract
Apport des intellectuels Libanais...
A quick look at the education, the Army and more...
La première imprimerie à caractères Arabes au Liban
Thoughts of a Lebanese
From a Lebanese Christian to an Arab Muslim

- Restaurants in Byblos / Ajaltoun / Aanjar

- And more:

- New Images listed in the App Discover Lebanon

- Hostels in north
- New panorama posters of Lebanon
- New Photos in gallery
- New Lebanese radio listed
- New Video: Valentine in Lebanon, Love and Kids in Lebanon

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New artworks by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar have been added:

Passion - Carmen - Residence in Amchit and many available new artworks

New articles and poems by the poet Joseph Matar:

Notre Dame du Micocoulier and translated to the English Our Lady of El-Maysseh
Paris, the Wounded

New Awards listed in our section

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New souvenirs and books are online:

Rise Above Lebanon
Stone bas-relief stands representing the first catholic Holy communion
Neroli or Bitter-Orange Flower Water
Aluminium car plates decoration
Wood trunk

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated:

Maria Moussalli
Mario Hayek
Paul Guiragossian
Ibrahim Al Jor
Mustafa Faroukh
Abu Nawas

And articles:
Lebanese literature

Culture Lebanon Kassem Istanbouli reopens Stars Cinema at Nabatieh

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The Lebanon presidential election of 2016: Pick one!

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