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We have listed new books and souvenirs from Lebanon:

Carmen Chammas Horoscope book
Maguy Farah 2018
Lebanon Calendar 2018
Gibran K. Gibran - Alive
Lebanon - Beauty Everywhere
New colored poster of Jounieh bay

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New profiles and artworks by:

Joseph Faloughi
Renee Fawaz
Anthony Abd El Karim
Silwan Ibrahim - And the video of the artist on YouTube

Al Zajal Lebanon
Poetic Imagination Influence
Popular Proverbs
Majida El Roumi
Maroun Abboud Faith Christian
Humor and irony in the literature of Maroun Abboud

And articles:

Louis Abou Charaf
Patriarch Estephan El Douaihy
Book History of times by Estefan Duwayhi
Maroun Karam
Al Maqama Al Mosuliya by Abed Al Kadiri
Sheikh Farhan Al Saadi
Author Ghassan Kanafani
Doctor Fathi Al Shakaki
Arabic Literature: Texts and Issues

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We listed new panorama images of Lebanon:

Aquamarine - The Ocean Water; in French Aquamarina - L’eau Marine
Al Bass Archaeological site Tyre

Articles about Lebanon:

Conflict over the history of Lebanon
Dr. Fayez Sayegh
Fuad Salim
History of Byblos by dates

New hostels in Mount Lebanon

We added some videos in our Youtube channel:

Aquamarina Jounieh - Sea corniche, Jounieh seaside
Cat playing, like a dog
Mazraat El Sayyaid Laqlouq... Beautiful Autumn in Lebanon October 24, 2017 and video 2
Church Estephan in Sahel Alma Kesserwan Mount Lebanon
Fight Dog V/S Cat.. who is the winner?

We added new wallpapers for your smartphones and pads

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Win an original painting by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar valued 2200 USD

New articles and poems by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar:

Stefano, l'âne de la Communauté Mariste
Antoine Zaarour Makhlouf ou le père d’un Saint
L'Aurore des monts; in English Dawn on the Mountains
Barcelona mon égérie; in English Barcelona my Cradle!

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- New law articles:

Fares El Khoury
Regards croisés sur les droits du transsexuel

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New set of photos of the old Damaskus - Damascus

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Would you follow a plan if the Lebanese government creates a program for recycling garbage at source?


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