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What's new in our sites for the months of March/April 2008?

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LebanonArt feels compelled to play its part in a humanitarian act. In short we are trying to support financially a family in great need and beg generous hearts to come to our aid. We appeal to any person interested in donating 10.00 USD <Click here for donation
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1- has improved the section where we present hotels of the world. Welcome to our section to search thousands of Lebanese and International Hotels.

We welcome as well Lebanese owners of hotels to list their properties on for FREE and gain amazing exposure by being featured on the fastest growing hotel-rate comparison system. Working with, compares the greatest number of hotels in the world.

2- For French readers, many new French articles are published in the site.

Jbeil Byblos: Aucun site ne parle autant à l imagination que l’antique Gebal.

Baalbek: Quels dieux éteints gardent-ils ta parole?

Sidon: Saida, Ville prédestinée.

Aanjar: Evocatrice de temps fastueux... vestiges d’une ville Omayade au Liban.

Chouf: Beit El Dine.

Sidon: Tyr ville magique, exhumée du fond des sables

La montagne Libanaise: Elle s’entend des deux chaînes parallèles...

Béqaa: Un vaste jardin du Liban...

Tripoli: Deuxième ville du Liban, la capitale du Liban Nord.

Les Cèdres au Liban sont liés à l’histoire de ce pays.

Beyrouth mit bien du temps à s’imposer.

Le Musée National de Beyrouth: un microcosme où le visiteur revit au présent les millénaires écoulés.

3- A new section in is online. You can from now on visit our site to know about the latest movies released in Lebanese theatres.

4- A new panoramic view is added in our site. You are cordially invited to visit the West Beqaa valley to discover new hidden places in Lebanon: the Al Manara Village.

5- New photo wallpapers for your computer are now uploaded in DiscoverLebanon.

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1- You can now check many new profiles or other updated in

Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of Actor Dalal Achcar
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of Painter Haroutioun Torossian
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of Photographer Munir Nasr
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of Painter Haddad Victor
Visit OneFineArt to see the new profile of Musician José Cura
Visit OneFineArt to see the updated profile of poet and writer Kenneth Mortimer

2- New articles related to art in the Arab world have been published in the site

3- New artworks available for purchase by using credit cards are now presented in our section Art Direct Sale.

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1- New beautiful paintings done by artist and poet Joseph Matar are online:

Arcades of Zaytoun - Meal - Offering - Lady with Almond Flowers

2- An interesting article in English and French is presented in

"Au pays des légendes naissent les légendes. Les rêves s’ouvrent à d’autres rêves … et la poésie devient chair et réalité" written by artist Joseph Matar.

"In the country of legend legends are born... dreams lead on to other dreams..." written by Joseph Matar, translated by Kenneth Mortimer.

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New products are available in our site:

1- 'La Route de la pourpre - Mythes et légendes de Phénicie'. An outstanding book combining instruction and awakening adventure.

2- Three new posters of Lebanon in sepia are now available in

3- Latest 2008 films and Adventures from Lebanon are now available in our site.

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New Poll: Lebanese, do you live your religious faith?

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