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What's new in our sites for the months of July/August 2008?

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1- Artist painter and poet Joseph Matar presents a new version of his internet site, so now you can find an Italian translation of LebanonArt. For this happy news, we enriched the index page of with 2008 new masterpieces available from the opening page of the site. Each time you visit the site a new art work will appear.
At the same time we are launching a new contest: so visit the contest page to have the possibility to win one of the three albums "Painters from Lebanon" from the works of the artist Joseph Matar.

2- Two new poems written by artist Joseph Matar (Translated to English by poet Kenneth Mortimer) are online:
A Voice from Heaven, Fayrouz
Blessed Father Yacoub

And in French original poems by J. Matar are located here:

Voix céleste - Feyrouz
Abouna Yacoub

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1- To preserve the memory of the the 2006 July War tragedy, a virtual tour of Dahieh, Beirut Suburbs in Ruin is presented.

2- Several articles are online in

- An article in german "Lichter des Libanons"
- Lebanon yesterday and today
- Major Industries in Lebanon, Economic Social Indicators, Banking, Tourism...

3- Other articles in the forum are published:

Le Musée de Gibran Khalil Gibran
Rachana - Le village des sculpteurs - Famille Basbous
Ramlieh, La Réhabilitation de la forêt, Maaser el Chouf
Getting to Lebanon, Travel to Beirut, Airport, Hotels...
Ground Rules: Personal finance, transport, holidays and more

4- Several new Lebanese food recipes are to be found in our site.

5- New interactive maps of major Lebanese cities are presented in our site.

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You can now check many new or updated profiles in

Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of director Elie Lahoud.
Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of director Omar Sharif.
Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of director Youssef Chahine.
Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of painter Tovmasyan Zaruhi.
Visit OneFineArt to see the update of the profile of painter Francisca Blàsquez.
Visit OneFineArt to see the update of the profile of artist Camille Allam.
New articles about art in the Arab World are online.

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New products are available in our site:

- Fayrouz Live in Dubai - In concert at the American University in Dubai.
- New beautiful sepia postcards reproducing early photography of Lebanon.
- A Music CD playing songs inspired from The Prophet by the great Gibran Kahlil Gibran.

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New poll:
Most beautiful Wonders in Lebanon? The Ammiq Wetlands - The Baalbeck Temple - The Beirut Down Town - The Byblos city - The Cedars Forest in Shoof - The Cedars in Beshareh - The Forest of Ehden - The Forest of Qammouha - The Jeita Grotto - The Natural Bridge in Kfardebian - Faraya - The Qanoubin Valley - The Sidon Castle - The Tyre Monuments - The Virgin Mary in Harissa - The Zahleh Berdawneh

New intriguing articles from Lebanon are published in

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