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What's new in our sites for the months of October/November 2008?

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1- We present our new section of Lebanese fashion designers from the 2009 collection:
Elie Saab, Abed Mahfouz, Reem Acra, Robert Abi Nader, Georges Chakra.

2- You can at the same time check many new or updated profiles in

Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of Hassan Alameddine.
Visit OneFineArt to see updated profile of Marie-Claude Kawak.
Visit OneFineArt to see updated profile of Lina Murr.
Visit OneFineArt to see the profile of Mohammad Rawas.
Visit OneFineArt to see updated profile of George Mattar.

3- We welcome as well visitors of to rate profiles of artists. For each profile you read in, you can see in the left corner of the page... a place where you can rate and review the artist.

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1- We have enlarged our directory: several new sections have been added. We invite owners of sites to submit their sites to our Lebanese directory.

2- Three Panoramic virtual tours has been added:

The Apple Trees in Akoura village.
The Archangel’s Rest - Church of our Lady at Gebrayel.
Cathedral of Fakie.

3- New 2009 detailed maps of Lebanon and Beirut are now available online.

4- New articles have been added to the site:

Splendeurs du Liban.
Rue du liban article.
Architecture in Lebanon.
Une explication sur le mystère des trilithons de Baalbeck.
Take a walk with me, and see Beirut as it's going to be.

5- We take the opportunity to invite people to write in our forum; we need people to write interesting articles in our Lebanese forum.

6- We have added one food recipe to our section: Discover how to prepare the Lebanese Hareessa

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For the upcomming Christmas of 2008 and the New Year of 2009, we have added new products in our site. We invite all who are interested in ordering any products or gifts to proceed at least 2 weeks in advance and that to be sure that products will be delivered on time.

The following products are online:

1- Tie for Kids.

2- Stainless steel pendants showing the map of Lebanon.

3- Extensible stainless-steel wristlet with Lebanese flag on each link.

4- New sets of postcards: Postcards from Lebanon Group1- Postcards from Lebanon Group2

5- Lebanon – A Name through 4000 Years – Entity and Identity.

6- Green Lebanon: The Book (shows what remains of Lebanon's forests covering only 13 % of the 10,452 sq km that constitute Lebanon.)

Finally we wish to inform reader that we have now this new site:

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1- New Palettes by artist Joseph Matar have been worked and transformed into an artwork.

2- Two poems untitled: 'Autumn' and 'Leila, the One and Only' are published online

3- A new painting 'Apples, Still Life' by artist Joseph Matar is online.

4- In October 2008, the works of artist Joseph Matar was recognized by an award from Mubadarat development in Beit Anya Harissa.

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New poll: Which Lebanese Television stations do you watch most?

New Articles are online

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