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-- Dear friends, what is the latest news?

LebanonArt feels compelled to play its part in a humanitarian act. In short we are trying to support financially a family in great need and beg generous hearts to come to our aid. We appeal to any person interested in donating 10.00 USD <Click here for donation. For more information please contact William MATAR, wjmatar @

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1-- Five panoramic views are now online in the site.

2 views of the silk museum in Bsous and its gardens. In French: Musée de la Soie à Bsous - In Arabic
1 view showing the cuneiform inscription at Wadi Brissa - In French: Inscription en écriture cunéiforme à Wadi Brissa
2 views of the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family - In French: Congrégation des Sœurs Maronites de la Sainte Famille

2-- We are trying to promote our Lebanese Forum; we invite you to choose one of the main categories and then to click 'New Topic' and to write interesting articles to any subject related to Lebanon.

Here are some recent articles which have been posted inside the Forum:
- Touristic route of rural Jbeil and Batroun, discover Gharzouz, Maad, Ghalboun, Bejjeh and more
- Marwan, Ghady and Oussama Rahbani
- Présence Libanaise monde - Lebanese Presence in the World
- Libanais et Langue Arabe / Lebanese and Arabic Language
- Ou Partir au Liban: Tyr, Amchit, Hermel, Terbol, Ramlieh...
- Methods of Cooking in Lebanon

3-- The programs of the summer festivals in Lebanon have been listed or currently promoted in our site; please visit our site to know more about the programs.
4-- New photos of Lebanon have been added to our section.

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1-- We wish to invite you all to the new exhibition of artist Jospeh Matar showing his recent artworks. The exhbition will take place in Mtein in Meten Region from 16 July till 19 July.

2-- New articles written by artist Joseph Matar are available:
Alia - Ou la fillette de 80 ans
Alia - A Little Lady of Eighty
Baptême du lionceau

3-- The artist has been mentioned as well in the book 'Ainsi parlait Jésus' by Claude Guérillot, published by Edition Vega, 2009

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1-- An article about the late artist Rachid Wehbe written by Artist Joseph Matar bas been published.

2-- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

The late painter Ismail Fattah
The late painter Manetti Fernando
The late painter Aida Marini
We update the profile of The late composer Mansour Rahbani
We update the profile of painter Ghassan Mahfouz
We update the profile of painter Nathalie Saikali

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1-- New large posters on paper from Lebanon have been added in our sites:

Through, minimum order required is 3 large posters.
If you are interested in ordering only 1 large poster proceed from

2-- Two handmade painted wood pencils representing male or female Lebanese characters are available in the site.

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New poll and new articles are to be found in the site.
The current poll is: Palestinian implantation in Lebanon is it: Certain... Probable... Possible... Unlikely... Impossible??

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