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LebanonArt feels compelled to play its part in a humanitarian act. In short we are trying to support financially a family in great need and beg generous hearts to come to our aid. We appeal to any person interested in donating 10.00 USD <Click here for donation. For more information please contact William MATAR, wjmatar @

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1-- New series of beautiful new photo-wallpapers from Lebanon

2-- Two 360-degrees photos have been added: Smar Jbeil, the Phoenician Castle 360 - Village of Taanayel

And in French : Smar Jbeil, la citadelle phénicienne - Village Taanayel - Tana ïl-El

3-- Articles has been published in the site: Introduction of Kadmous in Arabic by Said Akl - Discover Tripoli: Mosques, Hammam, Khans, Al Mina...

In French:
Dhour El Choueir - Pinèdes du Mont Liban
Beyrouth, nourriture, communautes, adresses, hotels, restos
Beyrouth Visite culturelle guidée
Sir El Déniyé: Village, Sfiré, temple romain, grotte Zahlan

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1-- We have added new works painted by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar in the following sections: Nudes - Landscapes - Flowers - Portraits - Still Life

2-- Articles have been published in the site:

Articles in English:
Bkerke Esplanade - The Destruction of a Heritage – The Bay
Articles in French:
Bkerké - Esplanade - Massacre d’un patrimoine – La Baie

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1-- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

Artists Missak Terzian -- Saadi Sinevi -- Laure Ghorayeb -- Abdallah Lahoud -- Philippe Mourani

2-- Articles have been published in the site:
Petites Chroniques du Cinéma Libanais
Lebanon's Forgotten Civil War: No Monuments, No Histories Recall Conflict in which 100,000 Died
Theater in Beirut opens as artists try to again make city capital of Arab culture

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New products from Lebanon are available for shopping from Lebanon:

New stainless steel keyring - Ziad Al Rahbani Music CD - SolSuno watch time with a new reduced price

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Where Should We Donate $10 Million?
Lebanese Red Cross - Lebanese Army - Chrisitian religious organisation - Muslim religious organisation - Lebanese State - Research for medecine in Lebanon - An organisation to reduce pollution in the country - Not any of them

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