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ADD Radio Sawt Beirut - Latest Lebanon News and Music... Enjooooyyy Beirut!

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1- We have created a new section for Hostels in Lebanon

2- Two New Panorama images have been added:
The Hippodrome of Beirut - The Mosque of Mohammad al Amin

In French:
L'Hippodrome de Beyrouth - La Mosquée Mohammed El Amine

3- New interesting articles have been written in our forum:
Nahr El Kelb - Jounieh: inscription and obelisk.
Maronites of Lebanon: History, religion, sect, confession...
Holidays: Echoes of the Past, Little-known Natural Treasures, Age-old Villages.
And in French:
Vacances Liban, Vestiges Oubliés, Trésors Naturels Méconnus.

4- We have added for this month many new photos in our section Photos of Lebanon.

5- Our section of cooking recipes from Lebanon has been enriched:
Shishbarak - Abbas Cookies - Halewe Bil Debs Cookies - Akoub Bi Laban - Emayche Kishk Dish

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New Profiles of artists have been added or updated in

New profiles for artists, writers and poets: George Saliba Kheirallah - Hanibal Srouji - Anis Freiha - Mouazzez Rawdah - Adel Saghir

Updating their profiles, artists: Bibi Zoghbe - Faeq Hassan - Maroun Hakim - Silwan Ibrahim - Marie Claude Kawak - Joseph el Arid

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1- New poems by Joseph Matar (Translated from French: K.J.Mortimer)

De Annaya au Paradis - From Annaya to Heaven
Gaza 2009 (French) - Gaza 2009 (English)

2- A beautiful Icon by artist Matar 'The Virgin Mary and Jesus' is now presented in the site.

3- Three new triads of the masterpiece Alpha and Omega are now available online:
The Multiplication of the Loaves - I am the Way... - The Sermon on the Mount

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We wish to invite all interested in ordering gifts from Lebanon for the Christmas and New Year 2010 to contact us from now.

New products added:

1- A shocking book 'true documents about the story of Taef' by author Lina Murr -
2- The book 'The Maronites, History and Constants'
3- The new book 'The Rural Taste of Lebanon' and in French 'La Cuisine Libanaise du Terroir'

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Lebanese, at which age do you accept sexual relation to begin? Multiple choices allowed

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