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LebanonArt feels compelled to play its part in a humanitarian act. In short we are trying to support financially a family in great need and beg generous hearts to come to our aid. We appeal to any person interested in donating 10.00 USD <Click here for donation
For more information please contact William MATAR, wjmatar @

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- New panorama views of the caza of Bsharri are now available in our site: The Meuseum of Gibran Khalil Gibran - The Village of Hassroun - The Dimane, Maronite Patriarchate.
- And in French: Le Musée de Gibran - Dimane, Patriarcat Maronite - Le village de Hasroun

- New photos of Lebanon are updated in our gallery of photos.

- New set of Wallpapers to show the beauty of Lebanon and new wallpapers designed by our friend Andy.

- An article about artist dancer Alissar Caracalla.

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We have added for LebanonArt visitors many new works by artist and poet Joseph Matar:

- Many works in the 'Landscape artwork' section.
- New artworks under 'Human Group'
- New 'Watercolors'.
- We welcome visitors to discover in full 360 degrees how the artist Joseph Matar completes his works.
- Our contest has end, results are online.

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New products are available:

- New models of Tea Boxes.
- The new edition 2010 of the book 'Abou Abed Jokes'.
- The book Play and Learn about Lebanon.
- A beautiful book 'Creative Lives' showing career of Lebanese Personalities.
- Tear Flask and recipient for Kohl in pebbles from Byblos shore.

For persons who like predictions and astrology we have added:
- Michel Hayek predictions for 2010.
- In Arabic and French the resumé of the predictions of Astrologist Maguy Farah for 2010 - Horoscope 2010 - Une année « historique » selon Maguy Farah.

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- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

Rania Matar - Wahib Kayrouz - Adnan Yahya - Antoine Berberi - Victor Haddad - Joseph Matar

- And an interesting article: Films of Nadia Hoteit.

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New question poll: In General, who lies more males or females?

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