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1- The Panorama views of Discover Lebanon have been all re-sized to offer bigger views and more pleasure for vistors to our site: Panoramic Views of Lebanon - Vues Panorama du Liban
2- For this major update of our panorama views of Lebanon, we offer today new virtual tours of Lebanon to be discovered:

The Monastery of Hamatoura in Kousba - Le monastère de Hamatoura
Zahle, Berdawni Restaurants - Les Restaurants au Birdawni, Zahlé
Sepulcher of Saint Sharbel and Saints Peter and Paul Hermitage - Sépulcre de Saint Charbel et Ermitage Saints Pierre et Paul

3- Several new articles are online:

- For a Green Lebanon in the Mediterranean
- Special Report - Predictions to make you sweat. Can Lebanon withstand the effects of a warming planet?
- Littérature - Jadal Bizanti, le premier pub littéraire du Moyen-Orient
- Tripoli aux mille visages
- Ateliers d'écriture - Vers une harmonisation des pratiques
- Au monastère de Mar Moussa l'Ethiopien - Quiétude et sérénité de l'âme
- Activités proposées: Le Liban des Sport Extrêmes
- Diversité biologique végétale du Liban
- Cinq bonnes raisons pour mettre le cap sur Beyrouth!
- Christian in Koura (in Arabic)

4- For tour packages inside Lebanon, we have added a new agent, Anastasia Tours.

5- For new large posters we have added a new 2010 view of Beirut from Burj el Murr Tower

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1- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

Poet Elia Abou Madi
Photographer Fares Jamal
Illustrator Nabil Makarem
Painter Assia Hobeika Massabki
Musician Guy Manoukian
Artist painter Antoine Matar
Philosopher Ibn Khaldoun

2- We updated the following profiles:

Artist-painter Fateh Moudaress
Writer Wahib Kayrouz
Writer Mourane: A complete book to discover
Photographer Rania Matar
Artist-painter Antoine Bridi
Profile of Fashion Designers: Reem Acra - Robert Abi Nader - Elie Saab - George Chakra - Georges Hobeika

3- New Articles:
Who is Artist Eyad Kenaan
Who is Poet Ahmad Shahawi

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1- Poems by artist Joseph Matar are now added in the site:

Ile des fleurs - The Isle of Flowers
L’avion de la 25ème heure - The Aircraft of the 25th Hour

2- A new masterpiece by artist-painter and poet Joseph Matar is now listed in LebanonArt:
'The Good News' according to Saint Matthew - ‘La Bonne Nouvelle’ d’après Saint Mathieu
An Arabic poem about Artist Matar written by poet Atef Mahmoud can be read online.

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New Products are available:

- The new aerial view poster of Beirut
- Film documentary: Kahlil Gibran, the man and his work
- Book - Lebanon: On Earth as it is in Heaven
- Book - White Lebanon
- Book - Expressions
- New DVD film plays of Fayrouz

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Do you accept seeing Arab women working at any sort of Job, same as all-men jobs?

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