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1- New Panorama views are now available in the site:

Discover El Sfire Village - Wazzani River - Beirut, Rawsheh and Lighthouse

In French: Village El Sfiré, Le Temple - Le Fleuve de Wazzani - Beyrouth: Raouché et Phare

2- Some interesting articles have been posted in our Forum and on other pages of the site:

Palaces of Lebanon
Sympathique! Le français au Liban, par Médéa Azouri Habib
Village of Bchehle and Akoura
An introduction of Baalbeck in Arabic

3- New service "Chat from and with Lebanon" is added to our site:

4- New Wide Wallpapers for computers designed for Lebanon and Beirut have been added; we add as well a new beautiful wallpaper for computer showing a church in the forest of the cedars of Arz Jej.

5- New Hostels in Beirut are listed in

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New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

New Profiles of Sculptor Boulos Richa - Painter Semaan Semaan - Painter Zohrab
Updating Profiles of: Painter Munir Najem - Painter Georges Cyr - Craftsman Samir Muller - Painter Sally Khoury - Sculptor and Painter Rudy Rahme - Sculptor and Painter Elias Dib

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New section showing works in small dimension by artist Joseph Matar has been added.

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New Products are available:

- Book: Palaces of Lebanon
- Book Sohi Wa Sarih
- A new poster from the works of Gibran Khalil

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New Poll to debate: Lebanese, do you think sanctions should be imposed upon Iran?

Military Sanctions - Commercial Sanctions - Diplomatic Sanctions - Nothing at all!

New Article has been added: Eroding Lebanon.

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