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- LebanonArt is now in Russian
version, with a new Index page to commemorate this moment.
- Works in small dimension are newly listed.
- New art works by artist Joseph Matar: Human Groups - Sacred Art

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1- Lebanese Summer 2010 Festivals are now available through index page.

2- 3 Panoramic views have been added:
The Cedars of Jaj - Tripoli Station and the Railway (2 views)
And in French: Chemin de fer et gare de Tripoli - Les Cèdres de Jèj

3- We have added new radio stations in our online internet radio and at the same time we are happy to have created a TV station.
Now you can stay more to enjoy DiscoverLebanon and watch your favorite Lebanese Televisions.

4- Interesting articles are online in English, French and Arabic:
Tripoli - 20 arrêts dans la vieille ville et autres lieux - Tripoli - Twenty Halts in the Old City and Elsewhere
About Tannourine
Essence of Beirut by “Another Travel Guide”
Frère Stéphane Nehmé Liban Kfifan 2010 - Béatification
Blessed Stephen (Estefan) Nehmeh (Cause for canonization in progress) - A Laborer in the Vineyard of the Lord
Did Jesus Christ visit Beirut? (Arabic)
Christian North Lebanon - Aarca Akkar (Arabic)
Littoral de Ras Chaq'a - Hannouch, al Heri, Chekka
The Ras Shaq’a - Hannoush, Al-Heri and Shekka Coast

5- We have added new photos of Lebanon in our Photo gallery.

6- Scyscanner for Lebanon Air Ticketing

7- More Hostels are to be found in

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New Profiles of artists have been added or updated into

Chaouki Choukini - Salah Labaki - Jean-Cesar Sfeir - Mohamad Rawwass - Faeq Hassan - Nouri Ar Rawi - Shaker Al Said - Saliba Douaihy - Jean Khalifeh - Habib Srour - Cesar Gemayel

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We have added new products:

- Two new bas relief in tin
- New tear flask in pebbles
- New model of Cap
- The book, Beirut Interiors
- The book, Million Steps
- The book "Sohi Wa Sari3" new edition
- The Books: Les sentiers de la foi

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-New poll is online
Lebanese If you won the lottery, would you quit your job?
Probably not
Definitely not

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