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For people who are interested in purchasing items from our sites for Christmas and New Year, we invite them to order from now, that to allow ample time for shipment.

We have added new products from Lebanon:

New Old posters of Lebanon added.
Two Albums by Gibran Kahlil.
Water Globe souvenirs.
New Stamps from Lebanon.
New Poster in Sepia.
Book Serenity - Livre Sérénité - 2010
Studio el Fan Music CD.

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- 5 Panorama views have been added:

Taynal Mosque - 2 views for Minet El Hosn Beirut - Bziza Temple - Hotel Saint Georges

In French: Mosquée de Taynal - Minet el Hosn, Beyrouth - Temple de Bziza - Hotel Saint Georges

- Many new web sites have been listed in our Tourism Directory

- We have added new topics to read and discuss in Forum and Articles:
Confusion around the Rafic Hariri International Tribunal for Lebanon.
Arms and Weapons in Lebanon - How to remove?
Faith, worship and unknown Creator.
Christian places of worship in Lebanon - Churches in Lebanon (In Arabic).

- For the section Hostels in Lebanon, new guesthouses in North of Lebanon have been discovered; review the newly listed.
- For the section Phone and Dine in Lebanon new restaurants and pubs have been added: Phone and dine in Jounieh, in Ashrafieh, Jbeil and Broumana.

- We have added as well a search box to the site to let you search inside

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New Profiles of artists have been added or updated in

Tommy Rizk - Simon Assmar - Rachid Salim el Khoury - Mohamad Seifeddine - Hassan Jouni - Michel El Mir

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New paintings by artist Joseph Matar have been added:

Story of Cadmus - Faces and Gestures - Cosmic Harmonies - The Word, True Light - New work in small dimensions

A new poem has been added: "Dr. Bassam the Healer" and in French "Dr. Bassam, le guérisseur".

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The Poll is still online: : Do you think Israel was involved in the murder of the late Rafic Hariri?

Certainly not - Yes, certainly - Probably - I don't know

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