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I would like to apologize to any client who experienced delay or difficulty ordering during the month of December 2010; I was working to establish D.H.L. as a primarily courier. From now on any product more than 100 grams will be shipped through D.H.L. with a track number to make easy the following up and the delivery of packages. Here is the list of countries to which we ship and cost of shipment.

Several products and books have been added:

- The Wall and Desk Calendars 2011
My Lebanon Book
- Cedar of Lebanon Book
- Mouneh Book
- Libania Book
- Gibran Kahlil Gibran in a luxury coffret in wooden box
- A collection of 4 books: Anthology of Lebanese tales in Arabic
- The book: Bet you didn't know this about Beirut
- Liban Mosaique

- Pierre Bared Posters

- Tea Boxes with Sculptures

- A Music CD: Rita Chante Noel

- Michel Hayek Predictions for 2011

I am happy to inform you that I get a video thank you from Google for advertising in Google Adwords.

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New Panorama images are added:

In English:
Ain el Mreisseh port
A new view of the Museum of Mleeta in El Nabatieh
River of walnuts (Nahr el Jawz)

In French
Aïn el Mreisseh
Musée de Mlita - Musée de la résistance au Nabatieh
Fleuve des noyers (Nahr el Joz)

Many articles have been added

Forests fires in Lebanon and solution. (Arabic)
Beirut is the New Beirut.
La Synagogue de Bhamdoun, par Nagi Georges Zeidan.
Drawing Lebanon - Value of Gibran and Real Lebanon.
Lebanese society and the environment - A destructive population?
Discover Bentael Nature Reserve.
Fresque - Eglises du Liban - Légende de Saint Georges.
Horoscope - L'année 2011 sera celle de tous les dangers, selon Maguy Farah.

A new Lebanese recipe: Blend of dried herbs, roots and wild flowers.

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We have added new small-dimensional paintings by artist Joseph Matar.

Articles by Joseph Matar are to be found:

Le merle
Le pêcheur à la ligne

Translated into English by writer Kenneth Mortimer

The Angler
The Blackbird
The Orphan

Artist Joseph Matar is to be found in Wikipedia.

Many paintings by Joseph Matar have been updated:

Available paintings
Still life
Human Group

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New Profiles of artists have been added or updated in

Ayman Baalbaki
Bahij Gassoub

Antoine Mansour
Youssef Houwayk
Paul Guiragossian
Victor Haddad
Silwan Ibrahim
Marie Claude Kawak
Abdul Kader El Rassam
Faik Hassan
Mario Hayek

A Question to debate has been added: Are you with or against the new law in Lebanon which does now allow smoking anymore in public and private areas such as restaurants?

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The Poll is still online: : Do you think Israel was involved in the murder of the late Rafic Hariri?

Certainly not - Yes, certainly - Probably - I don't know

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