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- is now available in Portuguese

- Four watercolors by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar have been added.

- Two new articles written by artist Joseph Matar in French and translated by writer Kenneth Mortimer:

Youssef, l’élu (In French) - Youssef, the Chosen
Sami ou le Cheikh paysan (In French) - Sami, the Peasant Sheikh

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- New panoramic images of 360 degrees have been added:

Saint Sharbel, Maad - Kfifan, Saint Nimatullah al Hardini and Blessed Stephan Nehme

In French:
Eglise de Saint (Mar) Charbel à Maad - Saint Nemetallah et Bienheureux Frère Estephan

- New photos have been added in our galleries of photos of Lebanon.

- Many articles have been added

Cinéma Libanais en ébullition - Musique alternative au Liban - Scène musicale - The Jews of Deir El Kamar by Nagi Georges ZEIDAN - Poem for Saint Maroun -
L’Habitation au Liban - Hermon Mountain of the Transfiguration - Jesus Christ (In Arabic) - Afqa Place of God (In Arabic)

- I have added new restaurants in Batroun in the section Phone and Dine.


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Several products and books have been added:

- Vierge à l’Enfant au pays des Cèdres
- St George DVD
- Saint Charbel Bas-Relief
- Book Fakhreldine
- White Bear Keyring
- Desk / Wall clock

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- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated in

Youssef Younes - Amin Nakhle - Fouad Gabriel Naffah - Majida el Roumi

Assia Massabki - Silwan Ibrahim - Ghazi Toutounji - Atef Mahmoud - Rana Bissat - Chafic Abboud - Paul Guiragossian - George Mattar - Andre Kalfayan

- Two issues have been added:
Are Lebanese snobbish people?
Cutting Trees and Forests in Lebanon - Protect Lebanon

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Are you in favor of facultative Civil Mariage in Lebanon?

I am Christian, Yes, I am in favor.
I am Christian, No, I am against.
I am Muslim, Yes, I am in favor.
I am Muslim, No, I am against.
I dont care for religions, Yes, I am in favor.

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