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- - Five new Panorama views of 360 degrees have been added:

Besancon School - Afqa waterfall and spring - Bkassine Forest - Bent Jbeil - Virgin Mary Harissa

In French

Ecole Besançon - Source d'Afqa - La Forêt de Bkassine - Bint Jbeil - La Vierge Marie Harissa

- - We are beginning to list the Summer Festivals in Lebanon for 2011 - Kindly follow the programs from our index page.

- - Articles in French have been published:

- Cinéma - L'inoubliable "Balle perdue" de Georges Hachem.
- Cinéma - Que vienne la pluie de Bahij Hojeij ou le retour des disparus.
- Intoxications par les poissons au Liban.
- Une introduction de la ville de Saida.

-- We have updated our E-cards section.

-- Many restaurants have been added in our section of Lebanese restaurants in Jounieh - Beirut Suburbs - Aley - Downtown Beirut - Ashrafieh

-- A new recipes listed: Oriental Omelette

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Several products and books have been added:

At Home in Beirut
Joseph Abi Daher Book
Lebanese genius - Gibran Khalil Gibran
Gospels Jesus
Carrefour des Prophètes

Large Poster from Bentjbeil and Poster from Saida

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-- New Profiles of artists have been added or updated in

Ismail Shammout - Philemon Wehbe - Jocelyne Awad - Khalil Zgheib - Khalil Hawi - Antoine Boutros Khoueiry - Amine Koueik - Joseph Abi Daher - Silwan Ibrahim - Rachid Wehbe - Jean Khalife - Aref el Rayess - Joseph el Arid

-- Two articles in French

Musique - L'ensemble Mayal ou l'éloge de la musique orientale.
Compter les nœuds avec les tapis de Camille Khairallah.

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-- New paintings by artist painter and poet Joseph Matar:
The Stars at Rest - Town Band - Golden Beams

-- New French article:
Rawiya (La conteuse, la serveuse d’eau de boisson)

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Are you in favor of facultative Civil Mariage in Lebanon?

Authorship - OneFineArt

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