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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in

Nadine Labaki - Al Jahiz - Bassil Soda - Antoine Kazan - Georgé Chanine - Zuhair Murad

Elie Saab - Haute-couture Summer 2011 - Ready-to-wear Autumn / Winter 2011 /2012 - Abed Mahfouz - Georges Chakra - Georges Hobeika - Amine Sfeir - Fayek Hassan

Two articles listed:
- La Bibliothèque Nationale du Liban – Gardienne du Temple et promesse d’avenir - Portrait du Vicomte de Tarrazi.
- Carpet in Fakieh.

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DiscoverLebanon presents new places in Lebanon to visit:

- Hairy Oaks Trees in Fnaydek / Arbres chênes chevelus à Fnaydek.
- The Village of Maroun El Ras / Le Village de Maroun El Ras.
- Tomb from Tyre in the Beirut National Museum / La Tombe de Tyr au Musée National de Beyrouth.

We present a new set of wallpaper photos from Lebanon.

We are adding new programs of Lebanese summer festival for 2011.

New restaurants listed in our section Phone and Dine in Lebanon.

New hostels in Mount-Lebanon and Beirut.

Several articles added in our forum:
Qana Al Jaleel - Maqam Al Nabi Omran Qlayle
Jews from Tyr (Sour), by Nagi Georges ZEIDAN
Situation in Syria and analyze - George Zeidan
Les Juifs de Hasbaya, par Nagi Gerges ZEIDAN
Voyage to Lebanon

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New products listed in LebanonPostcard:

Soap bars
Town band souvenir

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New articles by writer Joseph Matar are to be found in LebanonArt:

Nouhad ou l’aventure
Nouhad and the Adventurer
Rawiya, Story-teller and Water Waitress

For the people who liked this section of LebanonArt: What's new with artist Joseph Matar, we have added new works where you can find step by step how the work is painted...

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New question asked: What should Syrian President Bashar El Assad do? Plz take the poll and reply online.

New articles are listed in the site.

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