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Three virtual tours are presented:

- Lebanese Air Force, Rayak Base - In French Base militaire Rayak

- Qornet el-Sawda (Saouda), The Black Peak - In French Le Qornet es Sawda, le Sommet noir

- The village of Yanta - In French Le village de Yanta

Three articles have been updated:

- Milestones in the History of the Lebanese Maronite Order.
- Les Juifs de Beyrouth de 1173 jusqu'au 1932 par Nagi Georges Zeidan.
- Project Princess Europa - Ambassador of Peace and Prosperity.

- We invite you to review our collection of photos of inside Lebanon, as well our section of phone and dine in Lebanon, which has been updated with new restaurants to be discovered across Lebanon.

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in and also some interesting articles:

Omran Kaissy - Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi - Fehman - Mahmoud Mabsout - Saif Qassim - Sami Shawa

Elie Kanaan - Georges Chakkour

Contemporary Arab Art: Proof of Existence - Amine Maalouf, discours à l'Élysée - Who is Artist Esmaeil Rashvand?

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Many articles by poet and painter Joseph Matar are online:

- The Tree, My Soul - In French L’arbre cet autre moi

- L’amour amitié ou l’amour impossible

- Rumana - In French Roumana

- Theresa, the Refugee from Cyprus - In French Teresa – La rescapée de l’île de Chypre

- L’ami, l’abbé vêtu du bleu

- Three new works by artist Joseph Matar in the section 'What's new'.

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New books are available:

- Wiz Kids - Book Embodyments - Lebanon, The Phoenician Pearl - Si Beyrouth parlait, par Lina Murr Nehmé

- Beautiful blown glass from Lebanon

- We have added some new images of Lebanon in panorama format; those images are not yet available on paper, but we can immediately print them if we have clients interested.

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The same question-poll is still online: What should Syrian President Bashar El-Assad do?


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