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Several additions to Discover Lebanon:

- New Video of Lebanon is available

- We have listed new panorama 360 degrees views of Lebanon:

Al Bortassi Mosque - La Mosquée Al Bortassi

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral - Cathédrale Saint Paul et Pierre

Village of Terbol - Le Village de Turbol

New view: Baalbeck - Convent of Nourriyeh

- We have listed new hostels in Mount Lebanon and other hostels in Beqaa.

- You can read the Horoscopes of Maguy Farah 2012 in French and the same text an English 'Maguy Farah Peers into Year 2012, Upheavals and Wars'.

- Other Articles:
Tannourine reserve
Lebanon: Concept and Challenges
The Cedar of Lebanon rescued him
Friend in distress - Lebanon
Cana du Liban - Lieu du premier miracle du Christ
Miracle au Liban - Chrétiens - Une rose parmi les épines
The Bee, sentinel of the environment in the Mediterranean

- We have listed new restaurants in Suburbs, restaurants in El Shouf and restaurants in Jounieh.

- We updated the section of Discover hotels across the world and the hotels of Lebanon

- New beautiful wallpaper from Lebanon.

- New websites in directory

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New products and books from Lebanon:

Lebanese Cookbook (new edition)
Sentier de la foi (Two new books to the collection)
Saida book
Nature's best Pharmacy
Dictionary of dreams in Arabic (new edition)
New Model of Cap
Plastic flip-box
Carmen Chammas
More about each Horoscope
Michel Hayek
Leila Abd El Latif 2012

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New profiles of artists have been added or updated in and also some interesting articles:

Joe Khoury
Nadim Karam
Ihsan Al Munzer
Joseph Abi Yaghi
Marie Claude Kawak
Antoine Matar
Youssef Haddad
Jorj Abou Mhaya, un talent voisin de la passion
L’art public, une mission presque architecturale
Pour un effort national de préservation de l’art

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New addition in as well:

New work in Small-dimensional Paintings

Interesting Articles:

Choix et options divines
Divine choices and options
Mon Père
Séjour et études à Madrid
Fadéla CHAIM-ALLAMI - Arabian People and Maghrebian

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In your opinion, in order to resolve the Lebanese crisis, should Lebanon be cut up, either into small independent states or into a federation of states

The Truth about the political situation in Egypt


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