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What's new with LebanonArt?

1- Some weeks ago LebanonArt invited you to prepare your suitcase and to begin your journey through the Lebanonart panoramic destinations… LebanonArt is now proud to offer new virtual free tickets, which will lead you to admire new panoramic destinations!!
At the first destination you will be in the tomb of St Rafca who was born from the sanctified land of Lebanon, where holiness flourishes to be fulfilled in paradise!!
(check the North of Lebanon)

At the second destination you will have the unique opportunity to visit the presidential palace of Baabda, the place where every Lebanese has a feeling for it as for his own home, for it bears so many memories of historical and national import..
(check the Mount Lebanon)

At the third destination you will be in the south border region of Lebanon in the Kafr-Kila village at the Fatima gate.

2- LebanonArt is now presenting in audio files the poems of poet Joseph Matar Please log on (English version) or (for French version) to listen to a couple of extracts from the poems.

In the meantime Artist Joseph Matar has won the "Editor's Choice Award" of The International Library of Poetry (Library of Congress ISBN-0-7951-5062-8). If you wish to see the awards click . (English version) (French version)

3- We are happy to announce that from now on all our interested clients can buy paintings from our site (reserved only for the watercolor and study section of using their credit cards. We are associated to CCNow ( our authorized online retailer. Secure Online shopping for all Major Credit Cards.

4- Our committee in now offering a new Art album related to artist Joseph Matar where you can discover new paintings done by artist Matar. Our album is associated with Community website. The album offers the possibility to send the paintings as postcards, accompanied with music.
To visit our new album please visit our postcard section at to choose one of our postcards services or simply click

5- is also improving!

- Now we are offering to all our visitors the possibility to visit from a new domain name.
You can visit from www.lebanon.arts, Lebanon.arts is associated with, if you cannot see the Lebanon.arts site, please log on to download a small file to enable your browser.
Our group is now working to promote www.lebanon.arts
- is presenting a new poet named Atef Mahmoud from Egypt, please check his Arabic poetry.
- finally invites all artists to expose their artworks free of charge in our new affiliate site

6- We are sad to inform all our friends that LebanonArt was under vicious attack from individuals who apparently don't approve of its content. In an average of one attempt every two hours, LebanonArt was fighting off SirCam worm, one of the most dangerous computer viruses
The attackers have used many names and different messages to attract LebanonArt administration to unleash the virus.
When these attempts failed, they began giving themselves Arabic and Lebanese names to gain the trust of the webmasters, Our technical team has taken preventive measures to shield us from these assaults and so far no serious damage has resulted.

Warm thanks go to:
Jean-Pierre Matar, Creative designer.
Roy Naufal, Webmaster coordinator (
Jean Delalande . Marina Chemaly , French editors.
Jana Marti, Marketing developer.
Samih Ajaca, Webmaster advisor.

Artfully yours!

William MATAR
www.lebanon.arts (Affiliate of New.Net)

NB: From 10 to 23 of August I will be out of Lebanon, Of course , we can always reply to all your emails, but I will slow down my work because I am on holiday... I think I deserve that… What do you think… :o)
So if the case in not urgent, please don't send us emails!

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