What's new with LebanonArt?

1- A new article has been written about the artist painter and poet Joseph Matar!
Thanks to the American journalist Miss Stephanie Saldana (Daily Star staff), you can now log on to http:// www.dailystar.com.lb/features/03_10_01_a.htm to read the article.
You can also click at http://www.lebanonart.com/EnFr/pc8.htm to see the same article with a new painting done by artist Matar, the Blue Moon, one of Matar's masterpieces: "I paint like I pray" Said artist Matar.

2- Also we would like to invite all interested to read the lastest Arabic article about the LebanonArt websites at http://www.lebanonart.com/EnFr/manatek.htm.
We take the opportunity to thank here the "Manatek Magazine" and specially the journalist Miss Nada Eid .

3- Many of pour visitors have expressed a desire to read a statement written by artist Joseph Matar, and in answer, artist Matar has written an artist's statement. If you wish to read it, please click at http://www.lebanonart.com/eng/intro.htm

4- Special thanks go to the affiliate sites that spread the page of Little Tony through their sites (www.lebanonart.com/tonyaoun/tonyaoun.html)

5- As we promised, in our last news email, to inform you about our new site www.lebanonpanorama.com, we are still working to improve it. Expect in approximately 2 weeks the first step online !

6- For all interested sites, LebanonArt will launch in about 4 weeks its new contest, click www.lebanonart.com/common/winthis2.htm to see our latest results. So if your site is interested in sponsoring the event, please email us at info@lebanonart.com and we will inform you about our conditions.

Best regards

William MATAR

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