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1- Lebanon is the gateway to the world and the doorway to man's spirit!
LebanonArt and are proud to present 5 new panoramic views.

The first panoramic view will lead you to Beirut. After presenting a general and panoramic view of Tripoli (North Lebanon), we are presenting now a panoramic view (taken from the sky at 130 meters) of Beirut the capital.

The second set of panoramic views will lead you to Byblos, the most ancient city in the world. You can enjoy 2 new views.

On your third visit, you can discover the great palace of Beit Eldine and at the same time enjoy another view at Deir El Kamar in the chouf area of Lebanon.

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2- presents a new artist! Please check and log on to our conceptual art section to enjoy the art of Palestinian artists Hisham Zreiq.

3- we wish to remind all our readers that the contest presented on is still online. Please log on to to complete the questionnaire.

4- Warm thanks go to all of you who kindly supported our sites, and special thanks go to artist Joseph Matar and the following people who did their best to improve our work.

Jean – Pierre Matar, Creative designer,
Roy Naufal, Webmaster coordinator,
Jean De Lalande, Marina Chemaly, French editors.
Kenneth Mortimer, English editor,
Jana Marti, Madonna Lahoud, Marketing developer,
Samih Ajaca, Webmaster advisor,
William Matar, Sites owner and director

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