Dear friends,

1- is happy to present new Panoramic views!

First we invite you to log on our site to be able to read our new introduction page.
After reading such a lovely introduction, why not feast your eyes by visiting three new destinations:
The first destination will lead you to the most famous cedars, known as “Arz el Rab” or Cedars of the Lord, in the North of Lebanon.
After seeing the cedars of Lebanon you can “as the crow flies” be in a minute in the Hardine village in the north of Lebanon. Hardine was “the rock of faith and religion”, the first village to know Christianity in Mount Lebanon”…
Would you like to change your destination?!, Let your pilot lead you to the Bekaa of Lebanon were you can enjoy the magnificent city of Aanjar, seat of the first hereditary dynasty of Islam, the Umayyads.

2- presents its new look!
Our editorial group decided to change our index page in to answer all your requests about adding banners in our index page; so please log on to to see our new index page.

At the same time LebanonArt presents its new postcard service; Please log on to and click the ArtVitae banner, or go directly to

3- invites you to enjoy the paintings of one of the pioneers in Lebanon, artist painter Khaleel Saleeby. Please log on to the painters’ section in
At the same you can log on to our Poetry section to enjoy the poems of American artist Robert Hensel. laubches a new section ''web shots…!'' We will try our best to present you each week one image of the most original ones…!!
Please log on to and discover our new section.

4- LebanonArt invites all its past visitors to discover THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY TIMEPIECE (Watch) *SolSuno* is a precision electronic design, which uses Colours & Lights to indicate time.
Invented and designed by a Lebanese!! Be the first one to own such a wonderful masterpiece!!.

5- LebanonArt and LebanonPanorama would like to thank the Radio Montecarlo and the Echo magazine ,which have contributed for a second time to the promotion of our Websites.

William MATAR
www.lebanon.arts (Affiliate of New.Net)

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