Dear friends, is happy to announce the updating all of its section of poetry, so now you can log on to and read the latest and wonderful poetry written by poet Joseph Matar.
You can at the same time log on to our 'what's new' section, and feast your eyes with the latest painting of the artist of distinctive genius, Joseph Matar. In this section you can see all the steps towards the completion of one of his masterpieces. Visit invites you to enjoy the works of Artist Joseph Abi Daher , who has great creative ability, he is an artist-painter, poet- journalist, sculptor, please visit one of the sections : The painters, poets or sculptors at

3-For all interested sites, will launch in about one month its new contest; click at www. to see our latest results. If your site is interested in sponsoring the event, please email us at and we shall inform you about our conditions.

4- Finally we wish to inform you that the editors of our sites are still working to present shortly new Lebanese destinations in panoramic views... So we advise you to prepare your suitcase and to be ready to enter the magnificent word of LebanonPanorama through a fairylike journey which will lead you to the doorway to man's spirit: ...Lebanon!

5- Please visit our friends' site:

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