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Dear friends,

1- Finally we have the results of the contest organized by LebanonArt.com (June 3rd, 2002), 289 persons have answered the questions correctly.
The public Notary Mrs. Awatef Abi Akl drew the names of the three winners in the presence of the artist Joseph Matar and the website committee.
1- Marilyn Maroon from United States has won the watercolor of the artist painter.
2- Claudio Roig from United States has won the print on canvas individually signed by the artist himself and numbered 1/40.
3- Jeremy-Antanios Harb from Canada has won the album of the collection “Painters of Lebanon”.

2- LebanonArt.com is proud to present all its new sections:
Please log on to those URL to by able to see complete new paintings done by artist joseph Matar

For the Oil Nude section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Nd.htm
For the Oil Landscape section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Ln.htm
For the Oil Flowers section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Fl.htm
For the Oil Boat section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Bt.htm
For the Oil Sacred Art section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Sa.htm
For the Oil Portrait section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Pr.htm
For the Oil Still life section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Sl.htm
For the Oil Human Group section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/Hg.htm
For the Oil History of a Nation section @ www.lebanonart.com/eng/OilG/hon.htm

3- www.lebanonpanorama.com invites you now to new virtual tours in Lebanon!
Let’s enjoy first a complete covering of the Monuments of Tyre in the South of Lebanon.
Two new views have been added, the beautiful Archway and the Hippodrome of Tyre.
You wish to pass your day in the South of Lebanon! We know that! We invite you to discover the Khiam Prison. LebanonPanorama.com is proud to present for the first time in the world the famous former Prison in the Khiam village .

4- All of you who like reading Arabic poems, are invited to read the new poems of poet Ashraf Akef listed in www.lebanonart.net under the poets section.

5- Thanks to the efforts of our editorial group, LebanonArt is using a new technique of reproduction with the intention of presenting you top quality print on Canvas.
We are using the latest technology of UV pigmented inks with a longevity rating of between 150 and 200 years - the tests are valid for over 100 years far and still ongoing by Wilhelm.
The price of our Print on Canvas will remain the same for this couple of months. Please visit www.lebanonart.com/eng/print/pindex.htm

6- LebanonArt.net, LebanonArt.com and LebanonPanorama.com would like to thank the following magazine and television, which have contributed to the promotion of our web sites in the past month of May:

- N.B.N. television www.lebanonart.com/eng/pressc2.htm
- NDU SPIRIT Magazine www.lebanonart.com/EnFr/nduspirit.htm
- Touristica International www.lebanonart.com/EnFr/pc11.htm

7- Please visit our friend's sites:

www.lebanonbouquet.com – Order your flower Online!
www.middleeastwire.com - Middle East News Online!
www.radioramaonline.com - Arabic Internet Radio!

William MATAR

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