Dear Friends,

1- LebanonArt .com presents a new section where you can find postcards reproducing the works and poems of the outstanding artist Joseph Matar.
Each postcard is presented in a double format of 17 x 12 cm; a work of art is represented on one side and a poem on the other.

The postcards are thus one of the best souvenir gifts you can have from Lebanon.

Please log on to enjoy and order the postcards.

2- is improving too! was always the place where each one of you, could find artists having already an important background and others who, not having such background, could also be found in The common link between them was the quality and the creative personality of each artist!

Working always to achieve our aim «the Art for Everyone!», LebanonArt editorial group now presents new artists.
You can find now in our sculpture category the sculptures of Artist Antoine Berbéri, one of the pioneers in Lebanon
At the same time we invite you to visit our section of painters, where you can discover and enjoy the talent of a very young Ukrainian artist, Arthur Ozerov.

Finally invites you to enjoy the new paintings of artist Joseph Matar; you can log on the painter section of to check the full update of artist Joseph Matar's masterpieces.

3- A new article has been published in!
Please log on to read the latest article in French written by Journalist Zeina Zalzal from L'Orient Le Jour.

4- LebanonArt editorial group would like to thank (– leading portal in the Middle East), for supporting our sites.

It would like to thank:

Our friend site:, where you can find amazing postcards of Lebanon (1910-2000)
The Following web sites,,,, for the kind help of Lebanese people working in these three worldwide websites.

Marina Chemaly
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