Dear friends,

1 - LebanonPanorama welcomes you to the Bekaa Valley!

In half a minute you can cross the Lebanese mountain and arrive in the Bekaa; See for yourself how throughout this summer the climate of the Bekaa Valley is very dry and the sky is blue. The sun is radiant!
Welcome to Zahleh, the Bride of the Bekaa … The City of wine and Poetry, Imagine yourself in this red-roofed town walking in its old streets… from one outdoor restaurant to another ... Enjoy your stay in Zahleh .. visit

It is 5 o'clock! Ready for a new outdoor recreation!

LebanonPanorama leads you to the least visited place in Lebanon, the Ammiq Wetlands in the Bekaa Valley! Aamminq is the last remaining significant wetland in the country, a remnant of much more extensive marshes and lakes that once existed in the Bekaa Valley, and still an important staging and wintering area for migratory water birds en route between Europe and Africa .
Aamminq a lost Paradise! Please click

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2- invites you to enjoy a new painting done by artist Joseph Matar. You can log on to: to enjoy in flash technology all the steps that artist Matar takes to do one of his last masterpieces named. «The Sermon on the Mount» .

3- New redirect sites for and .

4- Please visit our sponsor site: - Be sure that you will always have happy memories of your stay at Hotel L'horizon. A panoramic view is available in the site : «A sea view of the Hotel!».

William MATAR

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