Dear Friends,

1- LebanonPanorama offers you two new Virtual Travel experiences!

The first tour features the Village of Cana in the south of Lebanon. This historical site has been widely familiar since Jesus Christ turned water into wine there; His first miracle (as told in the gospel, John 11:1-11).

LebanonPanorama welcomes you to Cana where you can admire the fantastic Holy Grotto!

Please visit the south area of the map by clicking on

The second tour will lead you to Mount Lebanon where we are presenting Bkerkeh, the famous residence of the Maronite patriarch. This place was and will always be one of the pillars of Lebanon's independence!

Please visit the Mount Lebanon by clicking on

2- is improving too; New artist is being listed.

Visit to enjoy an Arabic version of the works of pioneer Lebanese painter, Saliba Douaihy.

3- invites you to enjoy a new painting done by artist Joseph Matar. You can log onto to see in flash technology all the steps that artist Matar took to create one of his last masterpieces named, "The Almond Trees".

Please also click on the following URLS to be able to see new paintings done by artist Joseph Matar:

While you are visiting those links you can check our latest new design for the main pages of at

4- Please visit and support our friend's site

William MATAR

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