Dear Friends,

Joy, Peace, good health, year of happiness!!

1- Many of you were asking for new Lebanese destinations to be added in After a great effort we are presenting now 3 new views... and later we promise you others... :o)

- The first destination will lead you to enjoy the beautiful old Souk of "the most ancient city in the world", Welcome to Jbeil-Byblos. To locate the view, please click the Blue Part of the Map "Mount Lebanon", log on to

- The second destination will lead you to Beirut where you can visit the Roman Thermal Baths known too as "Rue des Banques". To locate the view please click the Red Part of the Map "Beirut", log on to

- In the third destination, you will have a unique opportunity to discover one of the less visited places in Lebanon, 'The Temple of the god Mercury'.
This view was taken a few days ago on a Lebanese mountain in the north of Lebanon called "Korn Niha", in January 2003. (Special thanks go to our photographers who made a great effort to take this panoramic view. While our photographers were taking the view, a storm was hitting the area and the snow was falling in a very cold weather. Thanks again for all your hard efforts.)
To locate the view please click the yellow Part of the Map "North", log on to

2- We would like to present The Contest Sponsored by!

Write an article to be published on, and you could win one of the following 3 prizes:

-First prize:
A package of 8 postcards with eight envelopes, available in two languages (French and English), reproducing the works and poems of the artist Joseph Matar.

-Second prize:
You can choose either a colored poster or a sepia poster from the Lebanese posters collection at

-Third prize:
You have the choice of 5 postcards from the 5 groups of postcards at

At the same time has been improved:

-You can enjoy a new set of postcards located here:

-LebanonPostcard presents beautiful dishes reproducing some great Lebanese destinations!
Each dish is 10 inches in diameter,
Please log on to enjoy our new section.

3- invites you to enjoy the works of Jordanian artist painter Hilda Hiary. At the same time we invite you to discover the talent of Lebanese artist sculpture Joe Panayoti. Please log on:

4- Please visit and support our friend's site: -

Warm Wishes!

William MATAR

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