Dear Friends,

What we have done in January 2003?

After a lot of effort our photographers and editors are presenting new panoramic views!
Log on to to discover new places in Lebanon, places many of you haven't had the opportunity of visiting before.

-The first destination will be Mayfouq, a lovely village in Mount Lebanon; there we are presenting you one of the oldest monasteries in Lebanon, Deir of Saydat Mayfouq.
To enjoy the view please log on to and click the Blue part of the map,

-The second destination will be the old Synagogue of Beirut, located in Wadi Abu Jamil near the Grand Seraglio of Beirut.
To enjoy the view please click the red part of the map, log on to invites you to enjoy a new painting executed by artist Joseph Matar. You can log on to: to enjoy in a flash all the steps that artist Matar has carried out to do one of his last masterpieces named Still Life with Pomegranates.

At the same time, we have updated two sections in; please log on to those URL to be able to see complete new paintings done by artist Joseph Matar:

The watercolors section @
The studies section @ with its new site www.lebanon.arts is a member of ‘ Quick! search directory’. Quick! Search is accessed by millions of users every week! (redirect site

Many improvements have been made!

You can log on to the paintings section to enjoy the new paintings of painter Juliana Seraphim and also enjoy the new contemporary work of artist Mohammad Chemali; his works are located in the contemporary section of

Two new artists have added their works in
Log on to to discover from our featured listing category: The works of painter Marie-Claude Kawak and the verses of poet Hanan Badih Youssef.

Finally we wish to inform all our clients that has a new redirect site Log on to to be redirected to

Thanks for all your support (until now 46 Orders) is improving.
New colored posters and sepia posters have been added. Please log on to enjoy them and to see our new price.

Redirect sites:, lebanon.arts (Quick search!),,,,,,,,,,
Are you interested in one of our redirect sites? Contact

Please support: World Lebanese Cultural Union - Be a member at Lebanese Villages Portal

William MATAR

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