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What we have done in the last month?

1- has been expanded; 3 panoramic views have been added!

Log on to our site to discover the magnificent forest of Bearzeleh in Akkar, North Lebanon - Please Click the yellow part of the Map in LebanonPanorama.
At the same time as you are in the North of Lebanon, we invite you to visit Tripoli, where you can walk virtually in it is old souk.

"As the crow flies" you can be in Jounieh; here the sun has left the earth… Jounieh is still illuminated… the town is welcoming you to discover it by night and to walk in its old souks… Please log on - click the blue part of the Map.

2- (Redirect site

Two new Artists have added their works in! Log on to to discover from our featured listing category the works of painter Joseph Bassil and at the same time you can log on to our sculptors' section to discover amazing sculptures done by pioneer Lebanese artist Youssef El Howayek.


- is presenting a new painting available in reproduction (signed and numbered 1/40 by the artist Joseph Matar himself). Please visit

- New articles have been published in

Please log on to to read the latest article in Arabic from Al Rawabit Magazine an artilce from January – 2003.

Also a very special article has been written by Jean-Maximillien de La Croix de Lafayette (Music and Art Society of America, Inc., President Emeritus): "Meet Joseph Matar: The artist who spoke to nature and unveiled its divine beauty!” Click

- is happy to announce the updating of all its section of available oil paintings at ; so you can right now go and feast your eyes on completely new paintings by Artist-Poet Joseph Matar.


New Colored set of Postcards have been added. Log on to enjoy them.

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William MATAR

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