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What we have done in the last month?

1- The results of the contest organized by (May 17, 2003) are online; 156 competitors have answered the questions correctly.
The public Notary Mrs. Awatef Abi Akl drew the names of the two winners in the presence of the website committee.
1- Tania Kassab from Lebanon has won the watercolor of the artist painter Joseph Matar
2- Omar Murad from United States has won the package of eight postcards with eight envelopes, reproducing the works and poems of the artist Joseph Matar.

The Contest was sponsored by

2- presents the update of its section of Saint Emilian. Please log on and to see the lastest version of the painting. Also promises all its visitors that a full virtual tour of 360 degrees of the church where the painting is located, will soon be presented in this sction.

3- invites you to read in Spanish the article of Joan Luis Montane (art critic), from the International Association of Art Critics ( commenting on the works of artist painter and poet Joseph Matar. Please log on

1- has been again expanded with two new panoramic views taken in May 2003.

The first destination will be the village of Aana in the Southern Beqaa valley. At an altitude of 970 meters, you are invited to enjoy the luscious grapes of the vineyard of this splendid village! Please visit and click on the green part of the Map.
The second destination visited will be the magnificent Jamhour school church. Located near Baabda, this church with its stained glass is a call to prayer and faith. Please visit and click on the blue part of the map.

2- We would like to thank the site for supporting LebanonPanorama. Please visit its newsletters, which will be sent to hundreds of people...
At the same time we would like to thank Mrs. Michelle Bienias, editor of, for preparing soon an article for LebanonPanorama.

3- LebanonPanorama is a non-profit site that depends upon financial contributions to operate. Please consider joining our efforts by becoming a supporter. Please send email to for further information. (Redirect site invites you to enjoy the new works of Lebanese artist Joseph Bassil as well as the works of Spanish artist Francisca Blazquez and the works of young Ukrainian Arthur Ozerov. Please visit and log on our contemporary art section. (Redirect site

- New colored Lebanese postcards have been added in Please log on thoese URL to enjoy them.

- Also we would like to invite you to visit our new section related to artist painter Andre Kalfayan, who presents his artistic postcards on our site. Please log on:

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