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Are you interested in visiting new destination in Lebanon? presents two amazing new tours! Welcome to Beirut where you can enjoy the street of Foch-Allenby by night - Click the red area of the map to locate the view.
The second destination will be Lake of Qarawn in the Beqaa Valley - Click the yellow part of the map to locate the view.


Thanks for all your support LebanonPostcard presents two new sections.
From now on you can order a Lebanese T-shirt and be proud to wear it!
At the same you can enjoy ordering from our other section related to Lebanese flags. We are presenting the Official Lebanese Flag ready to be added to your desktop.

3- invites you to review the new works of:

Artist Jean Lahoud from Lebanon; please review the painters' section.
Artist Francisca Blázquez from Spain; please review the contemporary art section.
And the works of artist Marie Claude Kawak; please review too the contemporary art section.

Please support these friends' sites: - Search and Find Lebanon! - International Pen Friends (IPF) - Dr. Georges Corm, economist.

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William MATAR

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