Dear Friends, ( invites you to review the new works of Artist Salwa Zeidan and artist Samira Nehme, Please review the painters' section.
We invite you too to read the new Arabic poems of Egyptian Poet Ashraf Akef and Atef Mahmoud.
Please review the Poets' section. has been expanded:

- 3 new t-shirts have been added to our t-shirts section: Click to review
- Charming handcrafted souvenirs: Click to review
- 3 new sets of Lebanese postcards: Click to review
- Charming greetings cards for the holiday season: Click
(If you are interested in ordering from the greetings cards, we advise you to order them at least 20 days before the holiday season so you can be sure to receive the cards on time)
- A new Colored Poster: Click to review
- A new Sepia Poster: Click to review

We know many of you are interested in visiting new Lebanese destinations! offers new virtual trip...
Welcome to Mount Lebanon (Blue Part of the map) to locate the view of 'Naher Ibrahim' River, Enjoy the magnificent place...
The second destination will be the village of Jezzine in the South of Lebanon (Orange Part of the map), Enjoy the charm of this mountain resort...

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